My blog turns 1

Today is a very special day for me. I am both happy and proud that I have reached one year in the world of blogging. It’s my blogging birthday! Yehey!!!

I could still remember the day when I was about to upload my first blog, I was a bit hesitant and anxious at the same time. My head was full of “what if’s and but’s”. Writing is a skill. Writing is an art. I don’t think I have each, perhaps. But I still pushed myself to write because I wanted to enhance my skills in writing aside from my dream of becoming a well-known blogger/ motivational writer someday. Thus I had to start it here. I was excited as well to publish my first article. So I let go of my negativity and clicked “PUBLISH” with a smile in my heart. And this was the start of my blogging journey.

Never had I imagined myself that I would take writing seriously. Opps! Serious but not so serious. Though blogging was one of my goals before I reached forty. And I hit it! That’s another accomplishment!

Writing for me is a way of expression. My means of expressing myself in the context of life amazing experience and discovery. An avenue to express my appreciation about the beauty of life along with its different challenges that life has to embrace. I have also met mentors and friends whom I considered influential in terms of their field of expertise. I was motivated by their success stories both in personal and professional. And in my own little way, I acknowledged and praised them here because I know they deserved it.

When I see myself unhealthy or say, life gets hard due to stress that’s going to harm me, I find writing as my comfort. So this seems my alternate route when dealing with work and life pressures.

What makes blogging significant for me is that I grow with my fellow bloggers and learn from each other. Exchanging ideas on line and imparting related experience are like having a good bonding with my friends. It’s actually fun!

I just started with 3 to 5 blogger followers. Since I’m a full time Human Resources Practitioner, I only aimed to write 2 articles per month. And this is how my blog site has performed over a year:

Number of articles published: 28

Number of visits to my blog site: 573

Number of views: 1,384

Total wordpress followers: 63

Total twitter followers: 1,309

Total facebook followers: 201

Award received: 1 (The Sunshine Blogger Award)

Invitation received: 1 (Beauty Pageant Press Conference)

With that, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers around the world for your continued support. I’m truly inspired to write more and more interesting and inspirational stories about life and work, success and failures. Stories about struggles and accomplishments, dreams and aspirations, opportunities and challenges. Again, my deepest admiration to all of you.

Happy 1st birthday and counting! One whole year of blogging awesome stories. This is a lifetime achievement worth it to treasure. Cheers!🥂


21 thoughts on “My blog turns 1

  1. My heartiest congratulation for completing one year in blogging. Its not easy! people leave it after 3-4 months.
    Secondly, my heartiest congratulation for receiving sunshine award!
    Thirdly, congrats for your friendly posture and smile.
    All the best!

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    1. Hi Bryan. Super thank you for visiting my site too.😊 It’s heartwarming.😉 We only have one goal as a blogger or a writer for that matter, to inspire our audience and make them happy right?😍

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