Young @40

It was a warm and lovely night to remember. I preferred to have a simple yet meaningful celebration as I began to step to one of the most significant milestones in my life. Welcoming another threshold and embracing new challenges. I am as well excited about my new journey that lies ahead of me.

Having a beautiful garden set-up birthday is what I really dreamed of. So I was thinking that my 40th would be the right time to have such arrangement. It was kind of a struggle during the preparation because of the bad weather that came in that week. However, my faith was as strong as I wish it was.

My heartfelt gratitude for the support they extended to me before and during my party. The people behind my 40th birthday celebration. I couldn’t thank them enough.

All my expected guests were present. It was only exclusive for special friends who have touched my life. Those friends who have continued to motivate me to persistently chase my goals and make a difference. Those people who have believed in me and who have loved me unconditionally.

I liked the venue. I liked the place. Everything has inspired me from its decorations, party colors, food, lights, program and especially the good weather which I prayed harder. The whole universe has joined me in this celebration. Thanks God!

I had a wonderful entrance, of course, with my pretty niece beside me. My heart was full of thanksgiving when I saw these real people with me. I may not have everything I want in life but I’m blessed enough at forty.

The singing of a happy birthday song as I stood on stage slowly sinked into my mind that it was a night of confirmation. I am certified forty indeed!

Dinner time. The taste of food was good. Everybody enjoyed their meal, I believe so.

The tossing of wine. I had so much appreciation to this girl for saying yes. She said she was not used to it but she looked pretty good.

Birthday message. Time could not accommodate them all so I chose representatives from my college batch, high school batch, colleague from my previous company. My partner in crime from present company also gave his message and my yoga teacher. I only have one God mother alive who delivered her speech as well. Thank you to my sister and niece who had a dance presentation which I really enjoyed watching. The last but not the least, my ever supportive behalf. Thank you honey.

I was touched by all their sweet messages and gentle words. I was tongue tied. I became speechless.

Blowing of the birthday cake. Then shortly was supposedly my message but I could not remember even a single word from what I’ve prepared. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ What was in my mind that night was to thank everybody who came in. I was so grateful that I couldn’t ask for more.

And then we had our group picture to end the night.

My present company. My Japanese boss together with my colleagues.

My batchmates in high school are my friends to keep. We rarely see each other but we still remain as good friends.

My college batchmates are my “Forever Friends”. That’s the name of our group. We’re 10 actually but others had prior engagements.

My in-laws. I’m so much delightful having you in my life. Thank you.

My dearest family. Thank you for everything. I’m deeply touched by your love.

My other special friends.

My colleagues from my previous company. Until now, we are still keeping in touch for life and work updates.

My Yoga mates. At forty, it makes me realize more that I’m getting old so I need yoga. And you know when we reach this age, it is where we start taking care of our body, our mind and spirit.

Now, I can proudly say that I’m young at 40.

One of the things I’ve learned about life is acceptance. I’ve learned to accept that there are uncertain things in this world. Childless at forty is not a serious issue for us though. We’ve tried to look at the other side of the pie and we’ve seen even brighter things, beautiful things.😊☺️

Life is precisely wonderful if you only spend it well.

17 thoughts on “Young @40

  1. Looks like a great occasion, Roxancena. Forty is indeed still young, and only a memory for me now, 26 years later.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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