The Day of Saints and Souls

The Day of the Dead is a festive day in the country

Family gathering anywhere like Sunday

Getting together mostly at the park or cemetery

Starting from dusk til dawn halloween party.


All Saints’ Day is a day of obligation

It is so-called the Feast of All Saints in our nation

To attend mass as part of the tradition

To pray for all of them as our day’s mission.


All Souls’ Day is also a big celebration

Cleaned tomb ready for the occasion

Others are home to where they belong

Spend time with families and get along.


Praying for the poor souls in purgatory

And all forgotten souls who are lonely

That they may all rest in peace

In God’s loving mercy.


Visiting the grave of our departed ones

Making their spirit happy to see everyone

Offering food and lighting candles must be done

Remembering the love we once shared before they were gone.


It’s the Day of Saints and Souls today

A once a year commemorative activity

So let’s make it more fun and not scary

Join the trick or treat with kids safely.


Happy Halloween!☠️☠️💀💀👽👽

*Picture from google


15 thoughts on “The Day of Saints and Souls

    1. Hi. It is so inspiring to know that there is somebody there who appreciates your writing. Thank you so much for reblogging my post “The Day of Saints and Souls”. Your kindness is super appreciated.☺️ Godbless!


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