Bon Voyage!

Our ever dearest pretty Kristine,

A woman full of strength and loving

We appreciate your countless blessings

Be grateful to HIM, it’s life changing.

It is not actually easy for us to see you go

Yet better opportunity awaits for you

Leaving us here is hard on you though

Everything’s fine, so stop feeling blue.

Life itself is full of endless misery

But you are courageous to attain victory

And to go beyond what life has to offer

And live the life you want to prosper.

Good things come indeed to the ones who survive the most

Credits to your support system, shall I say, for this one I wrote.

Time has arrived and this is it! Finally!

You will explore the world entirely.

We wish you luck and all the best

We pray that you will be more blessed.

You truly deserved what you have achieved today

We are so proud of you and see you someday!

We will miss you more our ever dearest Kristine

Our girl whose radiant beauty comes from within.

The world of reality (your journey) has just begun

Good luck dear, take care and just have fun.


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