A sweet birthday poem on your special day

To create a fulfilling life is never simple

Wrong choice will bring more hassle

Yet opportunity knocks at your castle

You open the door and dare to dazzle.

Your biggest inspiration is your family

You grab the chance and eventually agree

To accept a supervisory role though newbie

In the world of graphics & printing industry.

Producing excellent design is a passion

Providing satisfaction is your mission

Continuous learning is a disposition

Advantage it is in your new position.

To be a passionate leader is one big role

Thinking not only the company as a whole

To lead & guide people will be your goal

To learn new things and take control.

Always aim for excellence

Hardwork and persistence

Never risk for coincidence

Instead, shine with self-confidence.

I believe you are more than ready

To take on a bigger responsibility

It’s not something you shall worry

Because mentors are coming your way.

Whenever the world is somewhat sour

I can always help you and that I assure

You can go with me and practice yoga

To refresh yourself and regain your aura.

Since today is your birthday

Wishing you a life full of beauty

Good luck in your job opportunity

Congratulations Sissy!

And happy birthday!

May you have a wonderful day today.


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