Things I’ve learned from these inspiring HR leaders

The Junior People Management Association of the Philippines has organized their very own Summit 2018. It was held at the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City Philippines. This event was supported by Ms. Joslyn B. Canon, the Event Adviser and she’s also the Education & Community Relations Director of Qualfon Philippines (one of the largest BPO operations in the country).

Furthermore, I’m grateful to this woman beside me here, Doc. Ava-Lou Perez of the University of San Jose Recoletos, for giving me a chance to be part of the JPMAP Summit 2018. Hence, this experience fed me with such knowledge that somehow I could share to my readers and followers. It’s another learning opportunity for roxy743. Learning is fun, actually.

Overall, there were 500-600 students from various colleges and universities in Cebu who participated the JPMAP Summit 2018. And having seated at the VIP was also enjoying the perks of being a VIP.😁 It encouraged me to connect with all the event speakers and took a closer look to all of them. Not only that, I was able to acquaint myself to these great mentors in the field of human resources and got to socialize with each of them as well.

With me here, Ms. Grace Iligan of Cebu General Services Inc., the number one service provider nationwide. Mr. Michael Godinez, AVP Human Resource of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., a foundation that continues to elevate the lives of people and Mr. Francis Misoles, Human Resource Manager of Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc., its operation is one of the leaders of cargo handling, passage and route development.

JPMAP, by the way, is a national youth organization committed to develop and empower its members to become future people managers.

Moreover, below are the things that I have learned from these dynamic and inspiring HR leaders during the said JPMAP Summit 2018.

1. Do your best and win. Act like a winner even just a little smarter. If you want to be better, change! And be better at all times. Don’t be afraid of failures nor fear. If you allow your fear to bother you then you have lost already. Your success is just within your reach.

2. As a leader, you have to be charismatic. Learn to manipulate people, influence them and establish your core values. A true leader must influence other people to become true leaders. True leaders will create more leaders.

3. It is the uncertainties of life that make it more interesting and exciting. Enjoy the journey. Learn the values as well. Do something that you love. Find your passion to build a difference. And believe to those people who create impact to your life.

4. Do not be complacent of your weaknesses and flaws. Failures are great opportunity to show our strengths. And if along the way you fail then do not treat failures as the end of the world.

5. People are the ones hard to manage. So learn to value the differences of people. Focus on their strength, build on their strength. Having the right paradigm, you will get the desired results.

Til then. Thank you for dropping by.😊 Have a happy weekend everyone!


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