Getting Rid Of Pain

Who doesn’t experience pain? Definitely none of us, right?…. because pain is part of our being. We may be disengaged, unsuccessful or going through emotional bumps, it may be unbearable or tolerable, pain is the lifeblood of our existence. We gain strengths through pain. We become strong amidst suffering.

We can’t avoid pain even if we try to escape it. Allow yourself to experience like a needle that pricks on your skin. Go with the flow though it’s painful. There are moments when our face looks like a wet week-end and then we begin to lose hope thinking such misery couldn’t be fixed anymore.

Moreover, those inflicted wounds you have yet to recover, at the end of the day you’ll learn to pick up the pieces again. Be real…. some things change, some don’t. Dealing with pain is also having a mature mindset to understand the things that cannot be changed.

Pain by nature is temporary. Acceptance is the key. That’s where peace of mind comes in.

I’m a Yoga Enthusiast. And for me, yoga heals emotional distress from work, relationship and any unforeseen events for that matter. Eliminating toxins inside our body through yoga or meditation can help protect our wholeness as a person either physically or emotionally. Yoga focuses on breathing which helps calm the mind so we can further appreciate the positive side of our sad story. It gives us the opportunity to recharge ourselves and make “ME” time and continue to move forward.

“Positive thinking is a valuable tool that can help you overcome obstacles, deal with pain, and reach new goals.” – Amy Morin

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Pain

  1. Beautiful post, especially on acceptance as a key to peace! I find that when I just listen, I get a message from painful situations that are the key to my expansion. Sending you a lot of joy.


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