How teamwork affects quality life?

Our 6th anniversary celebration.

We’re more than half a decade already. And I’m so proud to say that the six of us are still together until this time. So what’s keeping us to stay this far? It is the love of our job coupled with our willingness to accept wholeheartedly our individual responsibilities as company leaders. Such simple things give us happiness to what we do. Other perks will just follow.

We may have different roles but we only have one common goal. And that is our commitment to gather our people to become one and work as a team. Otherwise, we will not be able to achieve the quality not only in terms of our output but the quality of life we can give to our employees. We are committed to provide solutions to our organization’s issues in any way we can. Nonetheless, as leaders we cannot do things alone without our team’s support. Perhaps a little success but we can be more successful when we are one.

I am very optimistic that creating a culture based on teamwork will give us the quality of life we deserve. That alone is a great deal towards productivity and efficient workforce.

Our anniversary celebration’s highlight, aside from our scrumptious food, was the Employee Recognition. We’re giving special awards to our deserving employees. It’s a very petty yet special token of appreciation for their job well done over the years. And I hope to double our awardees next year.

Congratulations to all! I wish to work with these bunch of people and see farther achievements in our first decade, God’s will.

We closed our activity by leaving them these questions to ponder on.

What is your goal in life now and onwards? And how will you perform towards attaining your goal?

7 thoughts on “How teamwork affects quality life?

  1. As Said by Greek philosophers:” The whole is more than the sum of the parts .” In other words , the product of a team work is usually more efficient and effective than the sum of separate work of each person alone . Results get multiplied when people love one another truly and help one another …
    In team work , 1 plus 1 may equal more than 2 …

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    1. Yeah it was. I saw gratefulness in the eyes of our people and so thankful too that they appreciated what the management prepared for them. Anyway, thanks for reading this post. Have a nice day there!

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