No love like sister’s love

Shall we take a minute to reminisce our childhood moments?

When we had nothing to think about but purely enjoyment

When we shared our funny stories and started to giggle

At midnight, we suddenly heard somebody whistled

It was Papa and Mama’s warning that we had to sleep on such a night

Yet there was still a silent laughter that filled the air despite.

When we’re out for a walk outright

I held your hands for you to feel alright

At times when we had a fight

Tears precisely filled in our eyes

But sister’s love has no end

You’re my one and only bestfriend

Forever I’ll be here for you

Because there’s no love like sister’s love and it’s true.

May you overcome each struggle and use your strengths to persevere

Failure is the essential element of success, just always remember

Nevertheless, your positive attitude inside

Will give you a better state of things in life.

Happy Birthday Sissy! Stay sexy at forty!

Wishing you abundance and prosperity

Continue to excel in your craft in every way

And be a blessing to others so they will stay.

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