The busy fingers of a Yogi Mama

She was one of my target subjects during the first few months of my blogging journey. She was so generous of her time when she allowed me to do an interview with her so I could impart her yoga experience outside. We are also aspiring to become yoga practitioners just like her. As I glanced over the schedule at Purple Bee, I spotted her name waiving at me and so I grabbed such opportunity to reconnect with her energy that I’ve missed for so long.

Everyone needs mentors just as I have mine in the field of HR, blogging, school, career and these life mentors literally spare their time to give us a psychological lift. They will provide support in attaining our goals both in life and career especially in achieving work-life balance. I’ve considered Teacher Queenie as one of my mentors in yoga.

Who doesn’t admire her energy? She’s teaching ashtanga primary at Purple Bee every Tuesdays and Thursdays. The whole time of our practice was really sweating. So I assumed toxins were flooded in my body.😁 Ashtanga is a different sequence yet so organize. The way my body was adjusting the flow made me think that poses were more complex than that of vinyasa. However, teacher Queenie has successfully managed us, letting each of us understands the ashtanga practice as we gasped the intensity of her energy.

Aside from teaching Yoga, teacher Queenie is into clay business (please like her page 👉Make Clay Happen) that allows to showcase her creativity and creative works. She’s the epitome of a busy finger modern yogi Mama.

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