Celebrating my little success

Adopting a beginner’s mindset is seeing the world full of possibilities. #survivoronthemat. Sharing my little success on the mat in the midst of coronavirus outbreak. With the recent phenomenon the world is facing right now, everyone has a responsibility towards safety. It is by taking extra care of our own selves that we can fight ncov.

Oh! Anyway, I just did my headstand myself, of course, using the wall for support. It just happened so quick. Haha! There were many attempts before but it was a bit scary until such time that I was able to fling my legs up in the air on my own during teacher Mikz class. Thank you, teacher.

Headstand is crucial thus asking support from the teacher is recommended. My butt against the wall and legs toward the sky, for me, was an achievement.#yogi’sgoal. Sometimes the unknown outcome heightens the thrill of the ride. I might not aware but I’ve realized I’m making a significant progress as I practice regularly. And it was overwhelming how much yoga has helped me achieve my life-related goals. In addition, with teacher Rina’s yen yoga, it compliments everything as it calms my mind and improves the flow of chi energy in my body. Thank you teacher Rina. Nevertheless, life has to go on inspite of what is happening around us. Let us learn to swim against the tide. The world is big, it has full of possibilities. Let us look forward to healing. Trust God for HE is bigger than our worries. May we all be safe!

I’m grateful as well to my other yoga teachers for being so supportive of my yoga journey. Teacher Lou and Teacher Queenie. Both of them are also my inspiration everytime I practice.

25 thoughts on “Celebrating my little success

  1. Great photos! It looks like you all have a lot of fun and support each other well. I miss my yoga class put on hold because of covid 19, but your smiles encourage me to do more on my own.

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    1. Thank you Ms JoAnna. Same here, actually. I miss my yoga classes at the studio. Good thing my yoga teachers have made it on-line. So I can still join them. Internet in the Philippines is not that good. Sometimes the signal is bad. Anyway, stay safe in your country.

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    2. Thank you. Same here. I miss my yoga classes too. Good thing my yoga teachers have made it on line and it did help me especially at this time of trouble. You can check on line yoga class also temporarily.😊Thanks for the reply. Take care!

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    1. Hehe. I’m so happy. Thank you so much for reading my blogs. I’m quite scared of what happens to the world due to corona virus outbreak. I do yoga instead. Glad my yoga teachers are having it on line. It actually helps especially nowadays. Take care too!


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