Pandemic: Fighting for corona virus disease

When you have realized that staying at home is choosing a lifestyle that create a sense of peace where you cannot often find it anywhere else. At this trying times, together we find light in the dark and hope to our wounded hearts. We remain to be cautious as we appeal to each and everyone to stay home too. It’s going to be over soon. #coronavirus#fightPhilippines#fightCebu

While our heroes/frontliners keep fighting for us, let’s grant their plea to #stayhome and #pray. We may feel totally miserable, we can’t do the usual things, seems we’re lost in the world, we exist with fear but we can find a way together. Our heroes stand to their responsibility to protect us from such #invisibleenemy. This is not a question of how or why, this is simply to believe and strengthen our faith. #Trusttheauthoritiesandexperts#Iknowitwillbeoversoon

With the 12 confirmed positive cases of covid-19 in the Visayas, the more we have to pray for this war against the spread of such deadly virus. Enhanced Community Quarantine will be sooner implemented. The world seems scary now. It’s like it stops us from moving forward. However, there’s no fear we cannot face together. The least we can do is to hear the cry of our frontliners. #stayhome#stayhome.😢 We shall look forward to get away from this battlefield and finally celebrate our victory. #God’swill

Mama Mary, we come to you for help. Please intercede and help us pray to your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May HE give HIS people the strengths to overcome this fight against corona virus especially our frontliners and may we all hear the voice of your son and listen to HIS message.🙏🙏🙏

11 thoughts on “Pandemic: Fighting for corona virus disease

    1. I agree. In our country, those who died were mostly old or senior citizens. May they all rest in peace. Number of deaths are higher than the number of recoveries. I hope this will be over soon. Thanks for your thoughts.


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