The sound of silence. Covid-19 personal documentary.

It’s been one week already since Cebu Province has implemented the Enhanced Community Quarantine as mandated by the President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
Let’s immerse ourselves in these moments of silence
where we hear nothing
but only the noise of the birds as they move around,
the way the wind blows and touches our skin
just as it rustles in the trees, plants
while we are awaken by this murmuring sound of the flock of chicken
along with the birds chirping early in the morning.
Due to our exhausting fast-pace life,
everything disappear before we can enjoy it.
Likewise, the sun is shining,
the sky is so bright,
a great day to feel alright…
Now, let’s try to see LIFE from a different perspective after the quarantine.
Stay at home and continue to pray.
Have a Happy Weekend! GOD is GOOD.

On the other hand, we unite with the whole universe as we joined Earth Hour last week. Our quest for peace continues while the entire family has spared a little time of silence. The absence of light is darkness. Behind the darkness, something shines so bright. We aren’t hopeless. We have temporarily embraced darkness because we are all trapped in a terrible nightmare. But we surely have a way out. Let’s give our Mother Earth the favor it deserves this time. God will light the whole world, anyway. Stay Safe.

21 thoughts on “The sound of silence. Covid-19 personal documentary.

  1. We are on day 6 of 21 days of lockdown, due to the pandemic, it’s going to be a long month
    I don’t normally go about roaming the great outdoors but suddenly I miss the freedom I had but never used.
    Stay safe

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    1. Yeah. there are lots of things we can do inside our home right? And when we Keep ourselves busy inside sometimes we forget to see life outside.😁 But at this time it’s better to stay home for our safety.😊 Take care.


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