The Present Time

I have never envisioned my 2020 to be this extremely challenging than anyone could ever imagine. With the seriousness of the pandemic while making the new normal works for me, this significantly affects work-life issues that emerged far beyond my expectations. As much as I don’t want to overthink things, nevertheless detaching myself from reality is only a momentary relief. Being receptive instead to what I have now, starting to explore new routines and immerse myself into the “virtual world” are my secrets to moving forward. And perhaps, it turns out to be my mantra for survival these days – be receptive, explore and immersion.😁Eventually, enjoying the present moment before it disappears, becoming someone who stands still in life amidst these uncertainties, someone who realizes that somehow being grateful in life is all that matters. I’m eternally thankful at 42.❤️

I’m thankful for my failure, it makes me strong. I’m thankful for my frustration, it transforms my life. I’m thankful for my tears, crying makes me healthy. I’m thankful for my mistake, it gives me the opportunity to grow. I’m thankful for meeting cruel people, I should never be complacent in life. I’m thankful for my enemies, I become courageous to stand-up and succeed. I’m thankful for my weakness because I understand that perfection is not the game, excellence is. I’m thankful for my bad attitude, it gives others the benefit of the doubt.

I’m thankful for my family and friends, they are my strong support system. And I’m thankful for my husband, he allows me to maximize my full potential for me to conquer the world.

Behind all these are learnings that I have to carry forward; tomorrow is the beginning of a greater life. Happy Birthday Self.😍❤️

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