It’s about CHOICE

I haven’t been seriously reading the news lately because the rest of my time after work was spent on my research paper. When we choose something over something, we always expect the unexpected. We are now living in the age of option which makes our life terribly not easy yet beautiful. And since we have this freedom to take risks, sometimes we become a victim of our own choice.😂

I just read this a while ago, “The Philippines now has the highest number of active COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia”. Alarming right?😌 Setting a more strict protocol has been our option to stop the rising of new cases. The outcome? Well, it is still up in the air. But we can’t live with anxiety the whole time due to this pandemic. Fighting with our paranoid thoughts is a self-care tip among others. Be spoiled for choice. You have to be mentally and physically healthy so you can live…. Have a happy weekend!

12 thoughts on “It’s about CHOICE

    1. O nga eh… so scary… but our Philippine government is trying to mitigate it.. hopefully talaga ma ok na… with God’s mercy.😍 Ingat diyan Ms Meg.. Did I get your name right?😊 so happy to hear you.. Thanks

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  1. amping mo diha cebu, ‘day. but yes, don’t let the fear rule your life. there’s so much we can do, so much to be thankful for in life, so much to be happy about. so bring out that beautiful smile. it does make a difference.

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      1. Thanks Sir.😍 I’ll check it out ha… Just got home from work.. Maayong gabii na diri… dili ko sure diha…😁 Where do you reside now? if you wouldn’t mind me asking. Thanks

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  2. It is really sad what is happening to PH now. I saw from the news about some preventive measures but still the COVID cases getting high. Is it really the people’s ignorance or being hard-headed? I wish for a piece of good news.

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    1. 😁😁😁 hard-headed… so sad… but with the help of our uniformed personnel we’re able to mitigate it somehow..

      Hopefully soon, number will totally decrease..

      Thanks for your thoughts.😍

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