Struggle is so REAL

I’ve never thought that writing blogs has given me the benefit of doing my research paper though it is something incomparable. I’ve been blogging for years now and part of it is doing research while enhancing my writing skills. In the same manner that research is also a google search. It displays your ability to collect information about your chosen topic. Hence, #reading is the #key.

Actually, I’m not an avid reader, an average reader perhaps. I’m selective of my book readings as well. I don’t read fast because I want to grasp every word or phrase I read. Creating a good research paper was my struggle recently. A requirement for my Masteral Program as we closed our first trimester for this year 2020. Though we were two months delayed already due to pandemic but everything went well. Mr. Google turned out to be my #bestfriend. Thanks Mr. Google! Doing my paper has made me appreciate more the power of reading. An excellent way to fill our brains with new bits of information and to be better-equipped with knowledge about anything we are interested into.

I had barely three weeks to accomplish my report. It was a difficult task that brought me frequent sleeplessness and emotional outbursts but I finished it with flying colors. And while I went through such experience, I’ve learned that the path to success is a zigzag line, I should not complain nor burst with an emotion. Success is waiting at the finish line. This leads me also to a self-discovery that our passion should connect us to our goal because our passion and interest have to shape our purpose in life.❤️

8 thoughts on “Struggle is so REAL

  1. We are all the fragments of what we do and sometimes those little things that doesn’t mean anything when we do – add up to become part of us and our overall persona and accomplishments 🙂

    Everything will mean something eventually.

    Cheers to you for your work and optimism.

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