The impact of our roles in community service

All officers in every organization have certain responsibilities to perform in order to achieve the club vision, mission & goals and to provide support to all members as well. On the other hand, accepting the tasks given of our own freewill is also expanding our horizons, broadening our leadership opportunities while enjoying our incentives – making new friends, maintaining friendships and establishing strong networks.

I have been appointed as Club Secretary of Cebu Lumad Lions Club (Lions Club International) for the term of President Ruthcel Velasquez (2020-2021). Being part of the club key officers has refreshed my skillset in terms of the secretarial duties. What I always look forward to when accepting bigger responsibilities is that, it should spark my interest and offer me a chance to attend seminars to learn new things. This is our weapon to continue living our life with a purpose, to seize as many learning opportunities as we can. The thirst for knowledge should never stop.

My first ever webinar (bearing the theme of learn, lead and grow) as a member of Cebu Lumad Lions Club was the PST Webinar intended for the club President, Secretary and Treasurer. It was a food for thought online discussion conducted by no other than our seasoned speaker, one of the best Governors we have in our organization, Atty. Rommel Penaranda. I was moved by his presentation as I observed how passionate and sincere he was when putting emphasis to these key roles. Recognizing administrative duties and understanding leadership responsibilities are top priorities of PST. Now, this is every President’s challenge along with her key officers as we commit above self into community service, to achieve club excellence as mentioned by Atty. Penaranda. How can we attain club excellence? We have to work as a team, to be a model of good leadership, to attend meetings and to involve all members in planning and setting goals.

To partake in the colorful world of community service is nothing new. However, meeting expectation from the ones I’ve considered my mentors in this genuine act of kindness is always a challenge for me. It is good to set personal standards too because this is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and other people in general.

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