Just Coffee🐝

Oh! I’m not missing the International Coffee Day celebration this month. I’m not a coffee addict. However, I’m an enthusiastic fan of coffee. So I want to share to the world too this delicious aroma of coffee. A frothy hot cappuccino without sugar is my ideal routine to end my day.😉

Cheers to this beverage when life seems so tough to handle. When our minds leave the present moment, we allow our inner self to worry about something when everything can be solved with just another cup of coffee.😉 Yes, true enough! You can’t buy happiness. But this Purple Bee Shop & Cafe cappuccino makes me happy after my first sip.💕😋 Forgetting troubles of the heart keeps my heart in good shape.

The creativity of their staff pouring steamed milk into the cup to be able to create basic coffee designs has made my coffee more tasty. I could relate this flower design to our life that is precisely similar to a flower. We have the potential to grow strong and freshly bloom. Each of us can flourish beautifully in a particular blooming season.

Lewis Black
“I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.”
Coffeesphere.com “Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.”

This heart coffee design represents my love for coffee.😍 My cup of life. My energizer in a cup. My most facebookable coffee in the city only here at Purple Bee Shop & Cafe.

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