My journey from falling to flying

My yoga life is intensely interesting for it is filled with good mentors I never would have considered meeting at this period of my life. One of the significant things we need to be successful is to have a mentor who can coach us to cope with life’s twists and turns. Someone who encourages us to ignore our uncomfortable sides so we can evolve fully on the mat. I have found a new venture in the lives of these mentors. They are not only ordinary mentors as they are also entrepreneurs with a range of skills and integrity I wish to emulate someday.

This is how I started my unexpected journey to crow pose from falling to flying. And I guess it is okay to fall because from there I’ve discovered my natural strengths and talents that allow me to fly freely. To be honest, I’m not really curious how people do challenging postures though I admire powerful yogis when they excellently perform tremendous poses. It’s just that I have a different intention of why I practice yoga. It’s like a breath escape for me that pave a way to release my tension as well as stress from work or unfortunate events in my life and regain the energy I have lost. My yoga story is all about that. It is the beads of sweat pouring down my face that I love the most. And I reap what I sow.

There were practices where a crow pose was part of the flow yet I had a hard time doing it because I barely knew that I was not strong enough for this. My arm was weak and so was my core. My chaturanga has not done correctly. What made me funny here was that I always placed my bag in front of me just to get rid of any facial injury or bruise in case I fall down. So it was truly a struggle. However, there never had a point where I get frustrated when I could not seem to lift up my feet up there for a second. I understand that yoga is a journey. No need to rush. I will have my own time. There is nothing worth comes so easy in life. It would need some time, even so it is worthwhile.

I had to be persistent in my practices and the effort was really rewarding. I’m hitting another milestone on the mat. I get crow which I have never imagined to be in the realm of possibility. This is one of the wonders of my body that I explore through yoga. It’s a surprise that I’m starting to improve my flexibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s not properly executed. I don’t want to focus on perfection, yoga is not about achieving perfection. I’m still a work-in-progress while enjoying my journey together with my oil mentor-Ms Davie and yoga teacher-mentor Lou. I have the best of both worlds right now. My Doterra essential oils that continue to provide me with health benefits similar to yoga. Two journeys that bestow me a strong sense of myself.

It will take us a number of fall before we can learn to fly. This is my insight about life. I know there’s a lot of truth to this. But just one thing, when you keep on progressing yourself forward, there will be perfect opportunities for you. Enjoy life.🌺🌸🌹🌻

7 thoughts on “My journey from falling to flying

  1. Congratulations! Crow is definitely not a beginner-pose and it requires much focus, balance, and strength. Super happy for you! I hope you can find whatever it is that you are looking for in this posture and may it deepen your practice more. Is this your favorite asana then?

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    1. Your words are so inspiring.😍 Thank you so much. My favorite actually is headstand.. but I can’t do it without wall support. I still have to practice more.😊 By the way, do you also practice yoga?


      1. Thanks for the welcome. Much appreciated. Headstand is a fun pose, really relaxing actually. As they say, we keep practicing the postures and we will be able to do them well at some point. Yes, we are both certified yoga teachers. We finished our 200-hr YTTC in Rishikesh, India years back.

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      2. Ah! Alright. Wow! You’re both yoga teachers. So nice.. really so nice. And I’m happy to have met you here. I hope Philippines is one of your destinations to practice yoga even for a short while.😍 Namaste.🙏


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