A reason for HOPE

Cebu Lumad Lions Club exhibits compassion and kindness as we donate essential school supplies to our chosen beneficiaries (Subangdaku Elementary School and Tabok National High School).

As we all know, the corona virus issue has affected our educational system. Thus, the Department of Education has approved the opening of classes through distance learning via online and modular. This is to ensure that education will still be continued amidst covid-19 high cases in the country. At home learning style is a challenge among teachers, parents and students because this is a new experience for them to embrace. The new normal way of learning.

Furthermore, Cebu Lumad Lions Club has committed to help our countrymen especially the children whom we regarded as the hope of our nation. According to one of the teachers of our school beneficiary, these bondpapers will be of great helped for the creation of learning modules as schools need additional funds for bondpapers. Learning modules will be given to those students who opted for modular type of learning.

It is happiness when you become the reason of one’s joy and hope.

One thing that has touched me in volunteering is my chance to establish a mutual relationship with these neighboring communities. To connect with them so as to strengthen my existing relationship with these people. Something that truly satisfies me that no other job can.❤️

Subangdaku Elementary School Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

I am a proud member of Cebu Lumad Lions Club (Lions Club International).
Thank you Cebu Lumad Lions – President Ruthcel, officers & members for your continued support and generosity. #roarrr

Tabok National High School Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

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