Christmas In Our Hearts

The world today has been extremely tough

Sad but true. Still, we all find time to laugh

Life is a lot tougher than we think it will be

Embrace if we must, it will pave the way.

How we live this life is definitely our choice

Seeking happiness is even a desire to rejoice

Our Christmas may be different this year

Yet it’s best to count our blessings and cheer.

So thankful that we’re able to endure hardships when others are falling apart

Hence, my family celebrated Christmas in its essence and remain with grateful heart.

In times of unfortunate circumstances, we pray for comfort.

When we are in deep pain, we pray for healing.

During troubles, we pray for peace of mind to stay calm.

And when we are in our weakest, we pray for God’s power for it is strongest. πŸ™πŸ™

May you had a glorious holiday season together with your families.

9 thoughts on “Christmas In Our Hearts

  1. Through both joy and pain,
    We transcend, grow and gain,
    Know that Nothing goes in vain ,
    Diamonds form under pressure andΒ  strain ,
    A simple truth yet profound and plain …

    Wael from Lebanon being mentioned in the bible as the land of cedars of God…

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    1. Hahaha yes yes.. thanks Ms Jo for reading. It really feels so good when you know that you’re keeping in touch with your fellow kababayans in here.😍 Thanks for reading. So happy here. Take care. Happy New Year!

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