We had frustrations; we fell to pieces

Yet life is so beautiful in so many phases

We were tired but HOPE whispered us to try once more

To explore, live with possibilities and not to ignore.

2020 has truly taught us some lessons

Lessons that led us to see new horizons

Learned to take the good with the bad

Thus accept life’s bittersweet & be glad.

Our wish for 2021 is for us to keep going

Remind ourselves to be grateful & loving

Be a light to each other amidst darkness

So we can handle problem when it arises.

Let’s have the best of circumstances even if things are uncertain. Life goes on. Appreciate what you have now. Get even better. Anticipate happiness and brighter future. Let’s claim it! Cheers to 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣

Our family salutes to the year of the ox🤩

Happy New Year!!!

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