An open letter of gratitude to our yoga teacher

Dearest Teacher Lou, Happy Birthday!

One thing that made all of us interested about yoga is because we are in the company of a person with positive personality. You have been influential in shaping our thoughts as your soul endures in our newly found world.

We belong in separate paths yet destined to meet on the mat. We believe that incorporating yoga into our system can change our viewpoint in terms of life and health. So we let yoga intervene our lives through you. Our journey together is “Instagrammable”😁 too because we oftentimes take photos of our yoga moments to document fun times. Essentially, these are the reasons why we enjoy our regular practice. Not to mention our frappe, smoothies and coffee sessions at purple bee shop & cafe that add romance to the drama.

Our yoga class is not only intended to work out each pose like the downward facing dog, crow pose, plank, headstand, shoulder stand, child’s pose etc. It’s beyond a physical practice. It’s destressing ourselves while learning those poses one day at a time. There may be discomforts at first since we are all beginners but you never allow discomfort to spill over us.

Further, yoga is not only about flexibility and strength per se. When you have to loosen up your hips, shoulders and do the chaturanga for strong arms. For us, it’s more on achieving a flexible mind to be able to let go of unnecessary thoughts so as to gain peace. And becoming strong to combat challenges in life with a happy heart. These are just few of the things you have taught us. Looking forward to learn more from you.

So thank you for sharing your passion with us and for patiently teaching us challenging postures that we never knew our body can do. Thank you for passing on your love for yoga. Namaste.🙏

This blog is our simple gratitude for we find this time a perfect time to say Thank You teacher Lou. Enjoy.❤️


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