Yoga by the beach at Yoga El Sol Fortuna

In this fast-paced world, there are times when our souls become weak not just our body. Among other things is the covid-19 pandemic that has manipulated our time. So we need to recharge to be able to recover from all the hassles that we go through everyday. Yoga near the beach area might be ideal for our well-being. With the calming effects of the waves, it puts us into a meditative state where one experiences a natural way of self-therapy. This is all about Yoga El Sol Fortuna. Let me take you there…

We arrived 30 minutes before 9:00 in the morning which happened to be the first session on that day.

We had yet to enter the third floor of the building (where yoga studio is located) when the wind happily welcomed us at the ground floor. It will make you fall asleep but deeply breathing some fresh ocean air will stimulate your energy. I longed for this smell of the ocean breeze. So relaxing. I imagined to go for a refreshing deep after our yoga class. Unfortunately, the water was not accessible that day (low tide). Better luck next time.😁

This is the veranda located at the second floor of the building where you can chill out with other yogis. Sunset and sunrise yoga are good too so this is a great spot to practice yoga.

When I reached at the second floor (reception area), the welcoming positive energy from this little-to-big community has surprised me. Then I got an answer in mind for this question, why do yogis often come back here?😊

Two inspiring yoga teachers today -teacher Lou and teacher Jane. They both teach self-love through the practice of yoga. Discover what they have to offer to become connected to innerself. Practice with them daily at Yoga El Sol Fortuna.

So we went inside the yoga studio at the third floor. Wow! The studio has a wide space that can accommodate 10-15 persons. Social distancing protocol has been observed for safety purposes. The place is clean, attractive and full of life. Furthermore, we started our practice with a child’s pose, then moved to sun salutations and so on and so forth. We had music playing to add a positive mood and comfort our minds while meditating. Thanks to teacher Jane, her vinyasa class was kinda beginner-friendly yoga class. We all had sweat and we loved it.

At the veranda, we took advantage of the sunlight’s vitamin D though the heat was streaming down to our skin. However, our eagerness to visit this place along with our yoga practice as well as the photoshoot😁 have truly satiesfied us. We didn’t even notice the sun was a bit harsh already.

As we headed back home, we left the place feeling fresh, happy and relax. By the way, we were served with a free coffee there.😁 Oh! Thank you Teacher Cecile. She’s the owner of the “Yoga El Sol Fortuna”, a private-owned resort located at Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines.

Is it worth noting that her studio is quite far from the main highway? If you’re from Mandaue City, it’s approximately 30 minutes passing through Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu. And if you’re from the North of Cebu then it will take you 5 minutes from Liloan proper.

So what makes her place unique and interesting? Location is everything. But for me, it’s about the sense of community they are living in there, not the place. As long as they are connected, they are engaged on and off the mat, they can always handle challenging situations in life as one community. With Teacher Cecile’s kindness and compassion, her good karma reflects her love for others, for her teachers and students. Above anything else, she is keeping her mantra to practice self-care.

See you there and see you on your mats. Namaste.🙏

Teacher Cecile Fortuna is a Certified Yoga Teacher with 200-hour yoga teacher training accredited by RYS 200 Yoga Alliance. She has also attended a 40-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training.
If you wish to visit their place, you may text at this number and please like their page for more updates.

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      1. Yes soonest soonest..😀 We’ll pray for it, for the pandemic to be over.. that we all can travel and do other things without fear.😊 take care you both always.


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