Purple Bees Aerial Yoga Experience

There is so much to discover in life and the mere thought of it is to let our minds go wild for we still exist. We build our dreams, we achieve our goals and we stop this concept about life that has limitations so we can live it to the fullest. Only time has limits. Our journey on the mat takes us to the next level. So here’s our first aerial yoga adventure with teacher Queenie. Our first time flying experience.

When Purple Bees (my yoga community) visited Mindful Yoga Cebu School, I had no idea what to expect from aerial. Though there are videos but it’s different when you go to the place physically. What was in my mind as I entered the studio was to go with the flow and basically to enjoy. I’m acrophobia. Looking down from the top frightens me. Well, I didn’t want to destroy this moment because all of us were so excited to fly. So I had to pretend that I was okay.😁😁 Nonetheless, my enthusiasm has energized me. And it was also happiness to see my long-time-no-see favorite yoga teacher Queenie after the lockdown due to pandemic.

Everybody was so busy taking instagrammable poses while standing and holding the belt. Others were capturing videos. I’ve noticed that taking pictures seemed a requirement. Haha. There is always a first time. We then started our class. It was a vinyasa flow. Oh! Vinyasa, sounds familiar! But to explore a repertoire of poses and transitions using the belt, it scares me a lot. Even after a few minutes of warmed up, I sensed that a part of my body was still shaking. My knees were twitching, muscles were tensed. I find it hard to plank with my feet on the hanging belt. Ouch! I began to stretch supported by the belt uncomfortably. I didn’t feel dizzy though I couldn’t control the belt from moving. I was just thinking that “if walls become my best friend when I perform headstand or handstand, this belt can be my best friend too when I do aerial because it will hold me in space”. This little accessory could somehow help me fly which I didn’t know it was really possible.

….. And Purple Bees yoga mat journey continues…. This time we’re here at Mindful Yoga Cebu School – Mandaue Studio for another blogable experience vis-a-vis flying adventure with teacher Queengladys Lumanog-Fajardo and teacher Rizalou Cabahug Soco. Just like birds, we fly….. high.

In the middle of our session, I started having fun already. My tension was replaced with excitement. What would be the next sequence? I asked myself silently. I wanted to fly more. I enjoyed performing like an acrobat. With the assistance of teacher Queenie, I was able to move, twist and lift myself in inverted posture. Hence, I was amazed by my legs in gravity. I’ve realized that aerial yoga enhances our core strength and flexibility. It will challenge our balance when we do floating poses. For me, first thing first is to trust your teacher. Second is to face your fear. After two days, I endured a little pain in my arms and abs. It was worth it. Soreness is natural. I know it was a good workout.

About the teacher. I’ve considered teacher Queenie a seasoned yoga teacher. Looking at her performance when she climbed up and stayed in the air made me say WOW! She was so great! I’d love to do that! Having a trained teacher into your practice, you’ll feel safe. You can catch her at Mindful Yoga Cebu School – Mandaue City Branch. She handles both mat yoga and aerial yoga.

Teacher Queenie

One reason that pushed me to try aerial was my Purple Bee community. Our yoga journey has always been a happy journey. We are all motivated to maintain our regular practice because of the strong and positive vibration we have as yoga buddies. Our commitment to becoming fit not just physically but emotionally and mentally has shaped our lives together. And we hope to inspire other community as well that shares the same passion as ours. We continue to believe the healing ability of yoga and spread the distinct benefit it brings to us personally.

So fortunate to experience a flyingtastic wow-feeling as Purple Bees unlocked aerial yoga goal
We stopped chasing the sky…. we simply learned to fly… Exploring aerial yoga at Mindful Yoga Cebu School – Mandaue Studio, the only breathtaking aerial yoga destination to visit.
👍 their page to get updates of their flying schedules and try such an amazing flyingtastic ride with teacher Queenie. Thank you so much teach Queengladys Lumanog-Fajardo.

For those yoga enthusiasts like us, try aerial… fly and visit Mindful Yoga Cebu School. Go Ka Oh Building, Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu. See you soon flyers….😍

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