Til We Meet Again!

There is no greater happiness than to know you

Coz you’re the best shop worth knowing and it’s true

When our paths crossed, I found a sense of comfort

Where everything feels right, needless to say a word.

Life is like a flourishing flower that beautifully blooms

And it shines wondrously bright like a full moon

My favorite hot cappucino has summarized it all

Because it provided me energy before night falls.

When something’s wrong and life is slightly uphill

Purple Bee gives off the perfect ambiance to chill

Struggle on work-life, anything to some degree

My Purple Bee, my only hideout with such glee.

I can never repay the amount of joy you’ve spread

The memories of a genuine friendship we once shared

The friends I have met here become my real treasures

Whom I will truly keep and love beyond measure.

Thank you Purple Bee.

Til we meet again!

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