Lessons learned on the mat

My yoga journey has influenced every aspect of my life. The way I should behave. How I should see other people’s perspective and how I should interact with them. 

My take-away of practicing yoga is not just to improve my flexibility per se but to be able to work out my mental flexibility as well. Having such ability to simplify things, for me, is a way to attain a more flexible mind. Second is seeing every frustration/ problem/ uncertainty as opportunity to learn. I know being flexible in mind would help me consciously respond to life adversities (rather than to react). That no matter what and who triggers me, I’d always find that space to take deep breaths and be rational. Everything takes time though.

As they say, patience is a virtue. Thus, persistence, consistency and practice can do a lot. Nevertheless, I realized that happiness isn’t only about unwrapping a gift nor being more privileged. It’s something like acknowledging a small accomplishment especially towards self-care. Cultivating mental flexibility is on the threshold of acquiring happiness. And surrendering to this process is self-love that brightens up ones life.

And this is my mantra.

I work on getting enough sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

I always pray to keep myself calm and relax when under pressure.

I stay close to happy people for happiness is contagious.

And Most importantly, I practice yoga not just for a physical activity, rather to cultivate discipline because the bridge for all these is self-discipline.

Thank you teacher Lou for your neverending support to our yoga community. Your energy is motivating and every practice with you is an inspiration to love ourself first. And thank you Purple Bee Community for keeping up our daily yoga practice.❤️

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