Peace loving yogis

As we observed the International Yoga Day, let us all be reminded how the practice of yoga affects our system, our senses and our persona.

It is about how we apply a yogi’s mindset into our day to day lives rather than merely joining to a yoga class.

It’s not only being capable to do the poses but becoming a powerful soul who continuously influences others to create or strengthen their personal goals.

It’s not just about making yoga an inspiration but seeing somebody emulates our achievements as we impart to them our learning on the mat.

That life is still beautiful inspite of our misfortune or defeat. That we, nevertheless, appreciate life more and carry ourselves with confidence.

Proud to be a Yogi

Acquiring stability in mind is as well achieving absolute peace.
Looking at things not just according to our preferences but understanding the whole experience.
Controlling one’s mind through meditation is also starting a new habit, a new you.
Everything comes in due time. Hence, it’s called journey.

My life on the mat.

Happy International Yoga Day to all!

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