Embracing Uncertainty

My second Inside Flow Experience with no other than Ms Jenifer Martinez, the First Inside Flow Teacher in the Philippines. She’s also the founder of YogaHub Philippines, LocalHubPh and YogiFlowPh.

This time, teacher Jen’s inside flow story was about embracing the uncertainties of life no matter what the situation is. We have to live life to the fullest because we don’t really know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

🎶Living My Best Life by Ben Rector

My Story♥️

It was a very challenging day for me when it rained so hard, got stuck in a heavy traffic going to the venue. I was about to give up and started to think my little what-ifs but I figured out that life is not about quitting when things seem to fall or when you’re struggling with all forms of problem, relationships. More importantly, it’s becoming who you are, a brave soul who faces life head on for we cannot escape uncertainties.

Teacher Jen’s inside flow was certainly nice. Her story was so full of inspiration. Anybody can relate. I was a bit emotional actually because I’m still in the process of healing of a broken friendship (but not lost).

I believe there is beauty of life in the unknown. Embracing uncertainty is all about perspective. It’s all about choosing the path you’re going to take. And making your journey beautiful that no matter how hard it is, you will still live your best life.

Thank you teacher Jen for sharing us your story and for touching our lives with your natural vibrant energy. You are simply amazing. Til our next Inside Flow class.😍🙏 Looking forward to your next story.♥️

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