Forever Friends

One of the foundations of a healthy friendship requires an unwavering commitment with no boundaries. We’re perfect 10.😍 I met them 25 years ago… And we stood still.

Since 1997

We are all tied up on several occasions but we create time to communicate to stay in touch. We criticize yet no judgment, along with that is we embrace unconditionally each other’s imperfection. The world is full, that makes it so rare to find a solid group of friends.

Lina, Sol, Donna, Rox, Ing-ing, Ingrid and Chelo. Debbie, Casey and Maida will join next.😍

Oftentimes life doesn’t bring us exactly to where we want to be. And that leaves us the excitement of what’s next. But we can always choose to rewrite our own story, something that defines who we really are. A story that tells us how each life lesson helps shape our identity.

Birds of not the same feathers also flock together.
Cheers to more years of friendship🥂.


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