Inspirational Success Story Part 1

I would like to impart stories of successful people whom I have personally encountered. They will be sharing about their road to success which I think you will be inspired by and learn from their experience.

It is my utmost pleasure to feature here one of my mentors in this industry, in my Human Resource profession. I would also like to consider him as one of the most admired young leaders of today and a successful entrepreneur. I truly had a hard time composing this article for him because I know the fact that he is such a perfectionist but appreciative in a way that he really wants you to be close to perfection in everything that you do. And that is what I have learned from him too. He’s a grounded person and a good observer. As a matter of fact, he can read facial expressions and eventually read minds. I’m talking about Mr. Jerry de Leon.

“My views on success, failures and risk still hold true to me. Success is earned. You can never be successful without any reason or without any struggles in the past. Those struggles are the foundation of my success.”

I know Jerry for quite a while. We’ve met through PMAP. It’s an organization of Human Resource Practitioners. Our sweet companionship apparently has started in here and blossomed suddenly into a more valuable friendship. I was under his wing when he spearheaded the PMAP membership committee. And that’s when I became familiar with Mr. de Leon. When you gazed up at him, he has this aura of power and confidence that would likely convey us on his unwavering commitment to execute certain responsibilities. He is indeed an inspiration.

“I am a person who is very optimistic. When I opened my food business last 2016, I felt so helpless. I had to manage almost everything under operations with no admin assistant to help me. It was painful. Everything is important and urgent. I consider this the lowest point of my life. I had to leave my HR consulting career to focus on the food business and the spa but I have finally learned to enjoy after a year. Today, the business is flying and I’ve considered myself successful today.”

At the age of 25, he managed Lead Career Mover Corporation. A multi-awarded, training and recruitment company in Cebu (Philippines). He is also currently managing the Afternoon Tea Spa, a British inspired spa inside Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue City. And aggressively handling his food business, the Kuofu Fortune Foods located at the food court of Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue City.

All these ventures have proved him that he can be like a Superman. It seems that he never gets tired nor shall I say injured. He always prepares himself everyday to respond immediately to any circumstances that may come along. However, he only does what is more urgent.

“My life is like a roller coaster. What is important is we rise after each fall. Right now, I opened 2 new businesses. It was difficult at first but now it’s flying and that is success.”

As they say, success depends on your backbone, not your wishbone. Isn’t it? What an accomplishment that is!

“First, I would say my relationship with my business partner for 14 years is already a great accomplishment. At 37, I claim success and I hope to inspire young people too.”

Jerry is continually striving to grow and develop himself further. He finds it important so he doesn’t get left behind. As a businessman, he must be competitive.

“I innovate. I travel. I am open to a lot of opportunities. I listen to younger professionals. Go around and experience what the market has to offer. The city has been changing fast so is the attitude of customers. I never stop learning.”

And who would have thought that he was once a working student? His desire to have a good future, to be hardworking and courageous are qualities that made him where he is now. Despite hard times, he continued to struggle and humble himself. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“I had a very humble beginning. I was a college student at the same time trying to engage in a small business to earn money to pay for my college tuition. I can say I’m successful when I get to save money for my tuition. I finished college with a lot of business on the side.”

Most of the time, our decision has a great influence in our day to day life. At times, our intelligence would direct us to create a wise decision. For Jerry when making a decision, he has to come up with facts on the situation. Second, his goal and objective. The last one, he has to put himself on the other person’s situation.

“Since I am very good in anticipating and simulating scenarios in my mind, I then can project what will happen if I make a decision. I decide what is beneficial for the buyer and seller, management and employee. I widely open my heart and my mind in making the process of decision making.”

I was recently invited to witness his 37th birthday celebration held at the Blu Bar and Grill exclusively for his guests the entire night. It is located at the Pent House of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu (Philippines). His elegant party themed “Sunset Cocktail Party” was attended by his close friends, family and associates. An excellent way of giving back what he received. A celebration of success and life.

Such party was one of his life’s luxuries not to mention his twice a year London trip which happens to be his favorite place. Thank you for the invite anyway. It was such a wonderful experience. A great ambiance simply perfect for an extraordinary person like you. You are a good friend. I hope to spend more years of friendship with you.

‘’I took all hardships in life as my learning experience and I think deeply on how I can improve on that matter.’’ – Jerry de Leon

Inspirational Success Story Part 2 will feature about a strong and affectionate woman who moved up from the ranks to become one of the highest positions in her organization. Please stay tune. Thank you.

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