The New Normal

The General Community Quarantine is the “new normal” living after May 15, 2020. Our enhanced community quarantine in Cebu, Philippines will end on May 15, 2020. However, some parts of the country are scheduled towards the end of the month. In connection to the said GCQ, we must learn to let go of what is usual, embrace this kind of life and make the new normal a lifestyle.

To protect the human health is our government’s topmost priority. Therefore, selected workers only are allowed to report on duty. Other establishments are required to remain close. And some chosen individuals have to stay in the house. These restrictive measures shall continue because global health crisis is not yet through. Risk of the pandemic is beyond ordinary, consequently, each of us should assume that we are contagious due to the disease.

Maintain social distancing and wear mask at all times are still protocols. We must follow curfew hours for not all yet are free for the majority. Likewise, traveling during GCQ may not be possible. Social and family gathering may seem a struggle, too. Let’s offer a little sacrifice for as long as we are safety. Our frontliners worldwide are also sacrificing for us. Thus, they will be forever treasured. Further, consider that the world is recovering from this pandemic. And as a good citizen, the only way we can help our community and country as a whole is to listen to proper authorities.

The general community quarantine (GCQ) has been anticipated amidst ongoing battle against coronavirus in the country. This expected change of lifestyle will eventually become routinary. Our challenge here is to learn through such experience whether it is about self-improvement or self-discipline so long as we appreciate the present. Recognize the process of change and broaden our minds in order to understand its importance that will somehow make a difference in our lives. Living the “new normal”, we can then look forward to, at the end of each day, chaos will be replaced by tranquility. Brightness will shine over darkness. Anxiety and fear will be replaced by positivity. Our emptiness will turn into abundance not just limited to common things but abundance in faith. Everything on earth will attract opportunity for all mankind. Fight Philippines for a covid-free country.

6 thoughts on “The New Normal

    1. Hello. I appreciate your comments. Thank you for your time. Anyway, I agree with you. However, the “new normal” per se is a new term, new practices set by the government that we have to follow. While it is still difficult for us to go back to our old style of doing things due to covid-19 threat, we shall learn to adapt a new system other than our usual practices. New normal might sound a bit confusing but it’s like a new way of doing normal things. Take care!


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