Great Love is Mother’s LOVE

My treat.😍 A little thing that will warm our Mom’s heart as we celebrate Mother’s Day. Motherhood is a noble job one could ever have. This is the only job that doesn’t have a special leave benefit or existing leave credits they can avail when they are sick nor they want a vacation leave. And yet, their support service is 365 days and available 24/7. Wow! I want to pay homage to all moms out there who have done an excellent performance whether they are a brand-new mom, modern mom, working mother, cool mom, cowboy mom, trendy mom.

Motherhood is not about perfection. Rather, it is by all means making each day a little perfect for us even if things go wrong. It is about survival. When they need to be emotionally healthy to be able to gain strength and sometimes they have to compromise to be able to survive. The struggle is so #real for motherhood is the most difficult responsibility I know.

Motherhood indeed is a blessing. It’s a rare vocation for me because not all are given the opportunity to bear a child for so many reasons. However, everybody can raise one and become a mother. We can be a second parent to our godchildren or sibling’s children. So the challenge of being a mother is through our commitment. Commitment to love, to care, to teach and to guide.

Mother’s LOVE is Everlasting, Incomparable, Unconditional, Genuine, Priceless, Extraordinary, Powerful, Intentional, Healing, Perfect, Happiness, Unselfishness, Influential. I have compiled here a photo of my friends with their MOM. A tribute to our dear Mothers. This extra mile will manifest how GREAT is our Mother’s LOVE can be. Take a look!👇

My mom. She’s strong and fierce. Her love for me is immeasurable.
Mother-in-law. My second mom. She’s so kind and very appreciative. Thanks Ma!
My Mom is my Motivator.
A small but terrible mother. Her heart is as big as the earth.
My bestfriend and my everything 💕
My greatest strength ❤️
I love you Mom. And thank you for everything.
Your unconditional love keeps me going. You are my number one fan, the person whom I can run to when things don’t go well, the one who never gets tired of taking care of me even until now, the teacher who provides me with wisdom as I journey through life.
Always praying for your happiness and good health. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for the family Mom! You’re the bestttt!!! Love you alwaysssss.
Always remember…
“My wish is your command”… haha!
Little Zea’s working Mom. Mommy’s love is healing #therapeutic.😍

21 thoughts on “Great Love is Mother’s LOVE

  1. This is truly lovely. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom. Thanks for sharing the photos too – it’s very clear to see the love that is there. I’m following your blog now so please follow mine too! 😊

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    1. 😊😊 How I wish I’d be one of them.😁 We’re not blessed to be parents. We are blessed in other ways.😊 Anyway, God is still fair right? Haha! Thanks for reading Vincent!


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