Yoga Enthusiast

Yoga Enthusiast. That’s how I described myself. When I discovered yoga over the last few years, I knew I wanted healing. The very first reason why I engaged myself in this strange new world was that yoga has a way of healing our body, mind and soul. My intention was not to gain flexibility rather to fix what was broken. I craved for change. Relatively, yoga provides me comfort. I was wounded, yoga has given me a total cure. I was disturbed, yoga provides me periods of silence.

There are challenges at the workplace that sometimes affect me. Likewise, life is often filled with suffering. And managing it daily to be organized as much as possible is not easy. Unconsciously, I’m exhausting my energy that I realized I need to let go of some things and disconnect myself from the chaos. One day, yoga led me back to life. So I still want to go back to that very first reason why I love practicing yoga….. because it has the power to heal in any form.

Yoga brings me significant life lessons during my entire journey on and off the mat. The value of listening and embracing challenges. In return, it helps me feel better from the inside out every after practice. I’ve learned to bend, to twist, to stretch, even the hard core or intense poses. However, it did not cross my mind to put high standards towards flexibility and strength for the reason that in bending, twisting and stretching alone I was able to achieve my health benefits I wanted to acquire. Another one is the value of discipline in terms of time, towards myself, others and towards life in general. Time is so precious. Most importantly, the opportunity to build a community of trust and love. These fellow yogis have become my confidant. Friendship has been created along the way.

With my continuing yoga practice, I’m confident enough to do headstand on the wall. It took me many times of practice while coated with hot sweat before I reached that confidence level though I hardly performed proper vinyasa. Yet, I cannot force my body to achieve strength in my arms. I know it will take time. But then again, my goal is not to do perfect inversions. Yoga is always a “ME Time”. This is the greatest thing that I have done so far to pamper myself naturally more than anything else.

Thank you teacher Lou for your consistent guidance. And to Ms. Davz, thank you for backing me up.

27 thoughts on “Yoga Enthusiast

      1. Last week was a sad day for our company. We’re into retrenchment. We need to cut our manpower for 50% due to financial problem. And this is covid related my friend.😟 Anyway, life must go on. I need to be positive whatever it brings.😍


    1. Hi Vincent. How are you? How’s life there so far? Thanks for reading this. Yeah there is actually something good in yoga that perhaps only yogis understand.😁 And it is simply a different kind of exercise. Take care Vince.😍

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      1. You are highly welcome 🙏🏾🙏🏾

        I’m doing great thanks for asking. Life is actually going on well 😊

        I will give Yoga a try and see why Yogis love it so much.


        Thanks so much. I will, and you too 🤗

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      2. Nice to hear that you’re doing great.😍 Let’s be thankful for that.

        By the way, yes try yoga and let me know how do you feel after the session. Thanks thanks.😍

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  1. That is awesome, I have been trying to make yoga a daily ritual in my life but somehow could not do it, reading posts like these inspire and encourage me. Thanks a lot for sharing this🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Thanks too for reading Shaheen. You just can find the right time for your yoga. And when that time comes, I hope you will find peace and motivation to keep it going.😍 Let me know by then.❤️

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