International Thank You Day

When I feel exhausted and things turned like an uphill climb, I have realized that through such circumstances, I become confident and powerful. So life has enhanced me with this experience and I’m thankful. I’ve learned to appreciate hardships along the way and look at life perfectly beneath this imperfect yet beautiful world.

Roxy743 celebrates the International Thank You Day 2021. In line with today’s activity, I asked my few friends to answer this question “What are you most grateful for in life?”

I’m most grateful for being surrounded with loving, supportive family and genuine friends. – Ethel

Grateful for people who genuinely care and make you smile more especially during those not so bright days. – Rose

I am most grateful of the following:

1. Second life with good health.

2. Great family even it is not perfect.

3. A career that support my needs and a few wants.

4. A life of contentment in God’s grace and blessings.

5. Surrounded by good friends who understand my personality… Friends that i can share my ups and down, lastly share a laugh with. – Ava

I am thankful for MY GOD who made my life’s journey every day a blessing, an experience. Everything else follows. – Sylvia

Family. I am always thankful having a healthy and loving family. Those whom you can always lean on and always present not only in the good times. It’s life’s greatest blessing. – Dar

Grateful is seeing the goodness above all things that keep everyone else preoccupied. I believe there is still so much to be thankful for. Health being the first and next is being blessed with a loving family who taught me the path of simplicity. It signifies true beauty and light of my life and transform my life in unexpected ways. – Rina

I am always thankful for the love of my family, For the unending and unconditional love we have for each other especially for times of challenge and struggles. When you know that you are never alone in any battle because you have a family’s love. – Davie

I am more grateful for the gift of life i have now. Its not the richest, extravagant life but a simple and peaceful life surrounded with supportive family and real friends. – Rizalou

I’m grateful for the challenges in my life, it’s what keeps me going and fighting. I feel alive knowing I conquer one challenge at a time with the help of family and friends. – Queenie

God gave me the blessing of life and gave me my wife who shared with me enjoying such blessing. – Dennis

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