Taking the leap

The first official meeting of Cebu Lumad Lions Club (Lions International) happened virtually on August 21, 2020 taking new leadership with no less than President Ruthcel Velasquez. It was proficiently concluded inspite of the usual internet connection issue that we have. The new normal is tough these days but such has not restrained us from gathering on-screen and creating our plans to support the club’s mission.

The new President has disclosed during the meeting the new set of officers under her wing as well as the list of activities and other targets for the year 2020-2021. One of those is the online information drive. This concept creates transparency about the organization’s latest activity updates via online. Further, this pandemic is causing our children’s dream shattered. And Cebu Lumad Lions Club will be filling in these gaps through our outreach program. As part of the plans, we will be donating bondpaper supplies and giving of free access to internet to our chosen beneficiaries. Our small initiatives will surely give these kids hope to succeed in school. How the said activities will be materialized? I will share it here on my next blog.😍

So much for that, I believed that assuming a leadership position is a biggest challenge a leader could face together with her constituents. This is about creating a legacy. How do you want to be remembered after your term ends? Nevertheless, the most rewarding part of this voluntary work is our opportunity to help those who are in need especially in times of crisis. To achieve greatness is to make these people grateful and change their lives forever. Everything that we will do is always about others. What we will accomplish is for the whole team’s credit because to some degree, we are all the agents of change.

Congratulations and Best of Luck President Ruthcel and the rest of the team! Roar🐯

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