Disconnecting City Life. Reconnecting with the outdoors.

Welcome to NB’s Haven Beach Resort. It’s a private resort of teacher Lou and her parents. The place has a commanding view of the sea looking from the top perfect for gathering/ getaway. There are few single-detached cottages if you opt to stay overnight with your family and friends. The resort is exclusive. This is great when you want a little more privacy. If you choose to disconnect city life as well and reconnect with the outdoor like what we did then you have to reserve prior through teacher Lou for immediate access.

We practice yoga three times a week at Purple Bee Shop & Cafe, our little community. This shop becomes our loving hideout and comfort space. Lately, we decided to explore more outside to influence positivity on others apart from breathing in some fresh air, beach bonding or basically just to de-clutter our minds. We haven’t done this yet in full force. Hence this time, perfect attendance!!! 😁 We indeed enjoyed the benefit of bringing our practice to the beach.

The beach is one of the interesting places to go to practice yoga aside from taking good shots for instagram or blog that will make our masterpieces stand out. Just by sitting alone or gazing along the beach is already a therapy. It has anti-depressant effect in our lives that relieve stress. And we never gets bored whenever we stay for long hours.

And by the way, we had a little visitor who joined us.😁

We started with warm up sequence like subtle movements, stretched our hamstrings before we proceeded to our beach yoga flow. We loved every single pose we performed, so gentle, so nice and in every moment that we allowed ourselves to breathe deeply, we let go of our worries, we relaxed our minds. The most important thing here was our ME-TIME.

The repetitive sound of the strong waves was our background music with the whoosh of the waves in rhythm. Practicing while contemplating by the beach is indeed good for our souls. Everybody felt the warmth of the sun on their face, the smell of the sea breeze, the sweet cool air from the ocean and the wide views of this natural beauty. All these made our stresses shrink.

After the practice, our bodies were happier. It was like we wanted more. Sweating is awesome during yoga classes. But it was humid, we only had a little sweat. Even so, it was just fine because we already got the best of our day.

At some point in our lives, we come to think of living a nutritious life at the beach where we get tons of vitamin D and all other advantages the beach has to offer. Nevertheless, life is about taking good vibes and spreading positive energies to the world. And wherever we are, life is about enjoyment, happiness.❤️ Yoga definitely triggers happiness.

I had super quality time with each of them. I’m grateful for this little community I have found through yoga because I feel home.

11 thoughts on “Disconnecting City Life. Reconnecting with the outdoors.

    1. Thank you for keeping in touch.😍 Yeah I’m thankful to have a great yoga community with me. We’re planning to try something new like the aerial yoga..😁 take care.😍


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